Honorary ESD Members

Honorary Membership is awarded to individuals of broadly knowledged eminence who have made outstanding contributions in a field of endeavor significant to ESD and who are not members of the Society. Only one recipient is chosen per year, if a candidate is deemed qualified by the Awards Committee. The recipient(s) must be present to receive the award.

Past Recipients

Dennis W. Archer

Standish Backus*

George Welton Bissell*

Ernest Brandt*

Myra H. Bussey*

Father Malcolm Carron, SJ*

Walter P. Chrysler*

Peter B. Clark*

Mortimer E. Cooley*

Keith E. Crain

Father William T. Cunningham*

Charles E. L. B. Davis*

Joseph Baker Davis*

Patrick Devlin (2010)

John D. Dingell

Alex Dow*

Constantinos A. Doxiadis*

Ray Eppert*

Robert A. Ficano, JD (2008)

Dexter Ferry*

Robben W. Flemming*

Edsel B. Ford*

Henry Ford*

Henry Ford II*

William Clay Ford, Jr

Sister Mary Francilene*

Jennifer M. Granholm

Martha W. Griffiths*

Steve Grigorian (2023)

Eugene Elwin Haskell*

Bryson D. Horton*

Dexter Horton*

Joseph L. Hudson, Jr.

John H. Hunt*

Emmett Leith*

Albert Kahn*

K. T. Keller*

Charles F. Kettering*

Frank E. Kirby*

William S. Knudsen*

Stanley Kresge*

A. A. Kucher*

Edwin Land*

Patricia McDonald*

Isaiah “Ike” McKinnon, PhD (2014)

Robert R. McMath*

Edward H. McNamara*

Theodore H. Mecke, Jr.*

Alycia Meriweather (2017)

Father Robert A. Mitchell, S.J.*

James W. Parker*

L. Brooks Patterson* (2009)

Lloyd E. Reuss

Mark Reuss (2019)

Douglas Ross

Doug Rothwell (2011)

Walter M. Schirra, Jr.*

Harold T. Shapiro

John P. Stapp*

Charles Townes*

G. Richard Wagoner, Jr

Murray D. Van Wagoner*

Werner Von Braun*

Clarence E. Wilcox*

Fred Zeder