Outstanding College Student of the Year

Awarded each year for outstanding achievement by an undergraduate student who has distinguished him- or herself in the engineering and scientific community.

Past Recipients

Bashhar Byrouthy, Michigan State University
Samual Lobert, Central Michigan University
Alessandra Pontoni, University of Detroit Mercy
Ben Toaz, Michigan State University

Brennan Burrows, University of Michigan
Shashwat Maharjan, Central Michigan University
Lauren Spahn, Michigan Technological University
Grace Zalubas, University of Michigan

Gabriella Kelsch Bledsoe, Michigan State University
David DeLisle, Eastern Michigan University
Heather Noonan, Michigan State University
Lauren Ross, University of Detroit Mercy

Arsha Ali, Oakland University
Varvara Gromakova, Lawrence Technological University
Kyle Illenden, Lawrence Technological University
Victoria Pellerito, Lawrence Technological University
Heidi Theisen, Michigan State University
Michael Ustes, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Sara Ann Kucharek, Wayne State University
Matthew J. McAllister Jr., Lawrence Technological University
Joseph Pinakidis, Michigan State University
Heidi Theisen, Michigan State University
Michael Ustes, University of Michigan – Dearborn
Rachel Zarger, Michigan State University

Riana Manabat, Wayne State University
Cord Sutter, Lake Superior State University
Devin Vogel, Michigan State University

Mateusz Gibiec, Lawrence Technological University
Ashraf Jaber, Wayne State University
Nada Saghir, Lawrence Technological University
Joseph D. Yudasz, Lawrence Technological University

Andrew Alisa, Oakland University, Rochester

LaMyra Stevenson, University of Michigan-Dearborn
David Zoltowski, Michigan State Unviersity

2014 Christopher Fazzalare, Lawrence Technological University, Southfield
2013 Luke Popiel, Wayne State University, Detroit
2012 Luke Popiel, Wayne State University, Detroit
2011 Casey F. Kick, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo
2010 Jasmine Way, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2009 Samantha Staley, Wayne State University
2008 Andrew Kneifel, University of Michigan
2007 Maureeen H. Wimsatt, Wayne State University
2006 No Award Given
2005 Rosemary Kanasty, Michigan State University
2004 Amy May, Lawrence Technological University
2003 Karen Mohan, Lawrence Technological University
2002 Heather M. Pishalski, Lawrence Technological University
2002 Faith Kurily, Wayne State University
2001 Maria Longnecker, Lawrence Technological University
2000 Rachel Palmer Gambino, Lawrence Technological University
1999 Kimberly R. Duda, Wayne State University
1998 Michael J. DiSalvo, Wayne State University
1997 Ihab Soliman, University of Detroit Mercy
1996 Christine L. Arbogast, University of Detroit Mercy
1995 William E. Cohen, University of Michigan
1994 Lawrence Charles Mick, Jr., University of Detroit Mercy
1993 Kirk Jacobsson, Western Michigan University
1992 Mark P. Kust, Western Michigan University
1991 Tammy M. Moskal, Lawrence Technological University
1990 Andre Amyot, GMI Engineering & Management Institute
1989 Donald R. Disney, GMI Engineering & Management Institute
1988 Mark Wehner, Wayne State University
1987 Timothy Weller, Michigan State University
1986 Paul Y. Song, GMI Engineering and Management Institute
1985 David L. Smidebush, GMI Engineering and Management Institute
1984 Timothy M. Brady, University of Detroit
1983 Vincent Woerdeman, University of Detroit
1982 Jerome F. Duluk, Jr., University of Detroit
1981 Eric F. Cook, University of Michigan
1980 Christopher R. Schultz, University of Detroit