Staples Business Advantage

With Staples Business Advantage® the benefits are clear. You’ll get low, contracted prices, consolidated billing and a dedicated account manager who is always looking for ways to save money for your company.

Consolidating your purchases with us will help reduce your procurement and invoicing costs, eliminate redundant research, and give you greater control over purchases and program compliance.

Staples offers a full range of products and services:

  • Technology solutions
  • Furniture solutions
  • Health and wellness
  • Custom printing and stamps
  • Digital copy services
  • Corporate promotional products
  • Calendars and day planners
  • Breakroom and facilities

Ordering is easy through®, providing access to real-time inventory data, order tracking, online returns, and online reporting.

Registration is free for members of the Engineering Society of Detroit. For more information on the program, contact your Account Manager, Ken Caeti via email at You can register on-line, ESD Member Staples Registration Form.

A commitment to the planet and our customers.

  • Ones of the world’s largest ink and toner recyclers– Staples recycled more than 23 million cartridges last year.
  • Promoting recycled paper– In a single year, our sales of recycled-content paper saved nearly 2 million trees- about 6 times the size of New York’s Central Park.
  • Leadership in solar power– Staples currently has 13 solar energy projects, which will prevent more than 1,700 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Pioneering fuel efficiency– In 2006, we changed our delivery trucks so they cannot exceed 60 mph- this saves more than 500,000 gallons of diesel each year. We’re also piloting a program to put the country’s first hybrid delivery truck on the road.
  • In-store recycling services– As the first national retailer to offer in-store tech recycling services, we collected more than 2 million pounds of technology waste for responsible recycling in 2007.
  • An EPA Green Power Partner– in 2007, we purchased enough renewable energy to power 11,200 homes for a year. Doing so prevented the release of more than 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to removing 21,000 cars from the road for a year.
  • EcoEasy innovations– We’re pursuing earth-friendly innovations like file folders made from recycled denim, packing peanuts made from cornstarch and sugarcane- based paper.

For more information and to see an assortment of our EcoEasy products, visit or®. Or for more information on how Engineering Society of Detroit members can become part of the Staples Business Advantage program, please contact your Account Manager, Ken Caeti at