Today's Gifts = Tomorrow's Engineering Leaders

Amara Small (right), with Sage Johnson, working on a robotics project.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors last year, ESD has helped thousands of young people along the path to becoming the engineering leaders of tomorrow. We connected college students with next-level opportunities. We challenged middle schoolers to engineer cities of the future. We provided intensive technical education to highly talented but under-served girls. Our Giving Guide tells more about all of these programs, but one in particular stands out:

Amara Small is a seventh grader who attends Detroit public schools. This is her second year in ESD’s Girls in Engineering Academy, a multi-year program that prepares girls to become engineers. To Amara, this program is invaluable because she simply would not have similar opportunities at her school.

Amara explained, “I liked that the classes and activities were for smart kids like me. Biology let us dissect frogs and grow gummy bears, and robotics taught us to build robots and fly drones. The field trips were to places we normally wouldn’t be able to go to, like DTE Energy, where we watched them blow up cans!”

Without programs like ours, bright students like Amara may never realize that they could become future engineers, let alone have the preparation they need to succeed in a rigorous engineering program.

Because of your financial support, more students like Amara can realize their potential. Please consider a donation today so that we can expand our efforts to build the engineers of tomorrow.