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Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF)

Contact: Keith Aragona, PE
Senior Project Manager HALEY & ALDRICH 455 E Eisenhower Pkwy. Suite 210 Ann Arbor MI 48108 Phone: : (248) 974-5288Website: Website

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The Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF) promotes the use of sustainable practices during the investigation, construction, redevelopment, and monitoring of remediation sites, with the objective of balancing economic viability, conservation of natural resources and biodiversity, and the enhancement of the quality of life in surrounding communities. SURF is engaged in several ongoing technical initiatives, including: • Exploring the viability of a sustainable remediation site rating and professional certification system • Working towards the integration of sustainable remediation and sustainable redevelopment • Encouraging groundwater conservation and reuse • Publication of a White Paper on international perspectives towards sustainable remediation • Supporting sustainable remediation research Participation in SURF initiatives demonstrates environmental stewardship, a commitment to a leadership role in sustainable remediation practices, and alignment of business and sustainability objectives.

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