Giving to GEA

ESD’s  Girls in Engineering Academy (GEA) is dedicated to empowering young women to excel in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, with an emphasis on engineering. GEA’s mission is to inspire and empower underrepresented girls and foster self-confidence in STEM. Our approach integrates STEM learning with personal well-being, ensuring comprehensive development for girls.

GEA engages girls in STEM activities, providing hands-on learning experiences that ignite their interest and enhance their confidence. GEA collaborates with multiple schools in the Detroit Metropolitan Area, as well as local engineering companies and universities in Michigan.

Your contribution, regardless of its size, can have a significant impact on transforming the lives of the girls we support through the GEA program. Together, let’s create a future where women thrive and succeed in the dynamic world of STEM.