Navigating Zoom

Navigating Zoom

One-Hour Sessions, with Q&A

Friday, May 29, 11:00 am morning session
Friday, May 29, 2:00 pm afternoon session
Online via the Zoom Platform
Complimentary, ESD Members Only
(limit of 15 per session, so register early)

We have lived through an exponential technical revolution. Now, we have been launched into “Digital Age” of the 21st Century. Our unique position has allowed us to witness the transformation of the dial telephone to wearables. We have seen mainframes computers condensed to desktops, laptops, and now handheld devices. We saw the birth of the internet.  We’re good at this. We are challenged by this. We have done this throughout our entire careers. We can be as comfortable communicating globally through a VR platform, as we are with email.

For ESD members-only, in this small-group session, you’ll be able to fully explore the Zoom interface.  Just like learning mathematics or computer languages, you will find that this comes naturally.  You will come away feeling confident and ready to go. Join us for a session in the morning, or the afternoon.


Complimentary to our ESD Members


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